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All About May

The OFF Market

The 2017 Season has begun!

May kicked off our 2017 market season and we couldn’t have been any happier with the turnout. As always, we had incredibly talented vendors who showed up, put in the effort before, during, and after, and smiled all the way. The rain held off and you all came shopping. It was a win-win for everyone.

The OFF Market Kappy's Collectibles

The OFF Market Allston St.

We had 78 different vendors for our May market and a lot of them were fresh faces. It’s so exciting to see what new things people are coming up with and who has taken the big step of selling at markets.

The OFF Market Joey Eric Fashion Truck

We love what we do because it gives us the opportunity to let both newcomers and seasoned vendors show off their mad skills to hundreds of wonderful shoppers every month.

The OFF Market Rivertown Inkery

It’s like playing matchmaker:

“Awesome Creative Soul, meet The Stylish Loyal Customer.”

Match made in heaven.*everyone cheers* Or so we think. :)

The OFF Market Five One Three Bagel Co.

The OFF Market Grandola Granola

The OFF Market Sewing New Futures

The OFF Market Madville Pottery

If you’ve been reading and looking at the photos and thinking, “Hey, this looks pretty cool. I want to go!” you’re in luck! Our next market is Saturday, June 24. Visit our Facebook event page and rsvp to the next event so you don’t miss anything. Stop by our Instagram @theoffmarket to keep up on things over there. If you’re interested in participating as a vendor, click on our Apply page to send us an application.

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