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Madtree in July

The Off Market went to Madtree in July and it was glorious.

Here's how it all went down.

The day dawned bright and sunny. Ohio did us an unusual favor by being cool instead of its normal hot, muggy, July self. We threw open the doors and maybe did a little dance of joy. Maybe.

Vendors arrived smiling brightly, waving hello to other vendor friends. As each space was filled with new and spectacular products, the excitement grew. It was chaos, but a beautiful, controlled chaos.

And finally the stage was set!

By the time 10:00 rolled around, the beer was flowing and the aisles were bustling. Too early for drinking? We think not! It's 5:00 somewhere, right? Besides, there were a lot of beers to try so we needed to get a head start.

The sounds of people picking up their must-have purchases, laughing with friends and chatting with vendors were everywhere inside. You all came out in force to and proved shopping small is close to your hearts.

Out on the patio people enjoyed the weather by petting puppies and playing cornhole.

Oh, the puppies!

Pam with Infusion of Styles demonstrated all natural face masks.

Paper Acorn had these gorgeous handcrafted paper chandeliers.

The Library Maker Space also joined the fun. They set up out on the patio with their button making equipment. They had Madtree buttons you could make as a souvenir of a great day. Some of you exercised your creative skills by designing your own.

We have to say a huge thank-you to the Madtree staff. They were so helpful and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with them. We are excited to hang out again in August.

The OFF Market Goes TO Madtree

This event at Madtree really blew us away. When you shop small, every single dollar goes right back into your community and makes a difference.

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