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Experience the Magic of Winter Markets

We've had an incredible year here at the O.F.F. Market and we're closing it out with a magical, intimate market at The 20th Century Theater on December 3.

Shopping at the historic 20th Century Theater with the O.F.F. Market is a different experience from our Madtree markets. From admiring beautiful art deco style architecture,

to sipping handcrafted Bloody Marys made from Mikey's secret recipe, you don't want to miss this final holiday market. Wander beneath the twinkling lights while you shop for the perfect gifts.

We've carefully curated this market to bring you the best of the best. We'll have soap makers, beard care experts, artists, boutiques, and more, all ready for your browising enjoyment.

Brunch is available and we promise it will be delicious. This market has everything you need!

When: December 3, 11:00-4:00.

Where: The 20th Century Theater in Oakley , 3021 Madison Rd, Cincinnati OH 45209

Stop over at our Facebook and Instagram @theoffmarket pages to watch for the giveaways we're running all week! Check in to our event page and let us know you're coming!

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