A Salute to Farmers

Farmers and growers are a vital part of the community heartbeat. From alpacas to honey to zucchini, The O.F.F. Market has had a wide variety of farmers join us over the years. Since they're in the midst of the growing season, we wanted to give them an extra shout out of encouragement to keep up the good work. We also want you, our delightful readers, to know where you can find things like delicious produce, raw honey, or locally raised beef.

Bees and Honey

I recently learned a new word: Apiary. What is this thing? Something to do with monkeys? Nope, it's the term for a place bees are kept. We've got two amazing honey apiaries with us this year. Not only are you able to purchase honey at each one of our markets, but you can even go further and support the ecosystem by sponsoring a hive. Check out Gaiser Bee Co. and Queen City Bees for more information on how you can help out our local honey bee community.

Queen City Bee

Gaiser Bee Co.


Home brewers, rejoice! We now have Olamani Sipu Hop Yard bringing locally grown hops to the O.F.F. Market. Start fulfilling your brewing dreams and impressing all your friends by making beer with hops grown here in Ohio for your next big party.



Camps and Classes

Gorman Farm is a longtime Cincinnati favorite. In addition to being a working farm with animals, produce and flowers, they have also classes, camps, and the famous Sunflower Festival. Don't forget to meet Gary the goat, and get more information from the humans working the booth. You can't go wrong by checking them out!

Gorman Farm

Gorman Farm


Whittmeyer White Oak Valley Farm is another new vendor this year. They've been bringing produce, along with their delicious squash pizza crusts made with their own veggies.

Whittmeyer White Oak Valley Farm

Whittmeyer Farm

Bean Bazaar started things off early